What We Do

ReNewClimate Strategies supports implementation under the Paris Agreement and other equivalent international standards that help generate new market opportunities.

Our main work includes:

What We Offer


Project Development

If you are seeking to promote sustainable development, we have experience and the professional network world-wide required to design and implement your projects. Not only can our experts ensure that your projects mitigate climate change and adapt for climate change, we can also ensure that they promote the sustainable development goals while ensuring sustainable use of ecosystem services.

  •    Envisioning climate friendly pathways – we can help tailor your projects and for lowering climate impact, design climate policy and strategy.
  •    Unlocking climate finance – we can help you identify finance sources for your climate and sustainability projects, and tailor them for result-based mechanisms.
  •    Supporting sustainable development – we can design and implement your sustainable development projects world-wide, map your ecosystem service impact and lead community cooperation for you. Even if your projects are not focused on sustainable development, we can help you ensure that all sustainable development goals are considered and secured.


If you need to evaluate and minimise your company’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, our experts can review your operations, recommend you means to increase your efficiency and decrease your costs, as well as prepare you for audits.

  •    Developing carbon neutrality and carbon management strategies – we will calculate and track your carbon footprint in implementing efficient carbon reduction strategies; and prepare you for reporting towards verified carbon offsetting
  •     Developing energy efficient processes – we review your operations to identify implement energy efficiency measures and prepare you for energy audits
  •    Training & capacity building


Developing a low-carbon future - we can help implement measures on greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change adaptation and transparency measures efficiently for implementing NDC and national transparency systems.

  •     Coordinating NDC-related efforts to enable countries to implement and update NDCs transparency and reporting processes under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement
  •    Designing GHG accounting and domestic MRV schemes
  •    Mainstreaming of climate policies and coherence with other agendas

Services We Provide

ReNewClimate Project and Programme Development and MRV

Project & Programme Development and MRV

Establishment of baselines, design and implementation of Measurement/Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions by registering with international and national authorities and verifying emission reductions

ReNewClimate Climate Policy and Strategy

Climate Policy and Strategy

Policy research and development, monitoring and evaluation in the field of climate change and whose members have worked with and been involved extensively with United Nations (UN) and other multilateral organizations.

ReNewClimate Climate Policy and Strategy
ReNewClimate Climate Finance and Carbon Funding

Climate Finance and Carbon Funding

Design strategies and pathways to shape low emissions development strategies and work, wherever possible, to identify means to achieve international climate finance and carbon funding opportunities for projects/programmes

ReNewClimate Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizational Carbon Footprint / GHG Reporting

Analysing your corporate or facility footprint and reduce your energy demands, and envisioning for you climate friendly pathways, lowering your climate impact and developing energy efficient processes.

ReNewClimate Corporate Social Responsibility
ReNewClimate Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

Designing and conducting international workshops pertaining, amongst others, to GHG mitigation and adaptation, implementation of Paris Agreement and MRV, ISO 14064 series, project development

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